Saturday, September 16, 2017

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey | Natural Food

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey


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  1. Symptoms Can Be Treated In Paragis plants:
    1.) Wound bleeding – it can viably treat wounds and scratches. Keeping in mind the goal is to stop bleeding, you can apply this Paragis grass on the affected part.
    2.) Diabetes – keeping in mind the end goal to treat diabetes, you have to drink Paragis grass tea. The reason behind why it is effective because it contains anti diabetic properties.
    3.) Fever – Low-fat utilization, Paragis can bring down the high fever experienced.
    4.) Cancer – it has antioxidants that can fight tumor and cancer cells in the body.
    5.) Sprain – It is trusted that putting the pound Paragis leaves on the influenced parts of the body will enable it to recuperate quick.
    6.) Dandruff – minimize the appearance of dandruff. Blend minced leaves and stems with coconut oil. Utilize it as a cleanser and gently massage it on your scalp.
    7.) Dysentery – watery the runs with a vein can be dealt with by drinking the Paragis plant.
    8.) High blood pressure – the stem and the leaves of this Paragis grass can adjust and bring down the danger of hypertension.

    Cherry Brown MD